Know What is Life Insurance and its Benefits?

What is Life Insurance?


Broadly speaking, life insurance is an insurance service that is used for financial protection due to loss of income or death of family members who work as the breadwinner of the family.


When family members, especially the backbone who work as breadwinners, it is certain that the family will experience financial shortages. To anticipate it, it will be very useful if it is prepared carefully by using life insurance.


This is a form of anticipation for the bereaved family. Because, they need financial support from death that can make some people experience economic hardship for several years.




Through insurance, the family members left behind can still continue the family’s financial sustainability, such as education, health, and a decent life.


Who Needs Life Insurance?


This question often comes to some people. Basically, everyone must have life insurance to protect themselves and provide guarantees to their families after death.


Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the importance of using insurance. It is undeniable that some people must have special considerations when to use life insurance.


Most people will buy insurance after getting married and having a family. However, there are also those who have prepared insurance since they were teenagers and have not married.


Then, when is the right time to use insurance? Preferably, insurance must exist since you have dependents in life. Moreover, if you work as the backbone or breadwinner in the family.


Thus, the family members left behind will not experience difficulties if the breadwinner has died.


List of Best Life Insurance in Indonesia


If you want to decide to use insurance, you should choose the one that provides the best service to prevent future losses. The following are the best life insurance in Indonesia that can be your reference.


Simas Life Insurance


Simas Jiwa is also the best life insurance in Indonesia. Simas Jiwa offers a service, where the policy covers the customer’s entry age up to 69 years.


Usually, insurance only covers customers for up to 60 years. In addition to life insurance, there are other dependents such as the risk of death, permanent disability, and accidents.


BCA Life


BCA Life also offers life insurance that has been registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK), so its safety is guaranteed. Not only that, BCA Life also has legality, which means it is safe and there is no need to doubt it.


BCA Life also comes with more affordable premium costs and easy insurance claims. There is also a selection of products that you can choose according to your needs.


Allianz . Life Insurance


Allianz is a health insurance service provider from Germany. Allianz offers life, health, pension and sharia insurance. One of its flagship products is life insurance, which provides options according to your needs.


In addition, Allianz health insurance also offers coverage for any medical expenses. One example of health insurance is in the form of inpatient room fees, doctor visit fees, costs before and after hospitalization, and so on.


Allianz life insurance provides compensation for critical illness, life compensation if you die due to an accident, and an accident will be paid if you die within 90 days from the date of the accident.


This company has a high level of solvency to pay claims, provides the best service for customers, pays claims quickly, and offers affordable premium options.


Sequis Life Insurance


Sequis Life is also an insurance that is not foreign to hear. This life insurance has been established since 1984 which consists of 410,000 total policies.


Sequis Life Insurance offers consulting services, making it easier for you to ask questions about the insurance you need. Each consultant is licensed and can be trusted.


That’s at least four of the best life insurance that can be your consideration. Come on, use insurance to protect yourself and your loved ones!